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This goes out to the players out there with a stable full of hot babes they can pimp out. If this means you then you need to pay some attention. Pimping girls on street corners is old school, but it is also played out and dangerous. You should be pimping those same girls on webcams with Dating Gold where they will set everything up. All you got to do is bring in some honeys to be in front of those cameras while fools throw their money at them.

All this is legal so long as your girls are legal. No more jail time or having to fish out your broads from the slammer. No fines, no fighting over street corners. Just you counting Benjamins. Shit you don’t even need to pay for abortions, STD’s or none of that shit. Just count your bank and pay your girls what you used to pay them.

It is funny how prostitution online is completely legal, but somehow it ain’t when it is skin on skin. But who gives two fucks when you are blowing up with money? Get your free account and talk to a manager about getting the girls online. Then get ready to mint some money!

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Going online for sex is nothing new. People have been doing it since the Internet was still on dialup. What has changed is how they go about it. Sites offering adult dating in the UK have begun to spring up like weeds. I wouldn’t trust them with my used condoms. It is better to stick to a tried and trusted brand like They have been in the dating business since 1997!

In that time I Want U has developed some intuitive tools to help you find more sex partners in less time than ever before. You can even chat with girls in real time online to make hooking up as easy as pie.

Give adult dating in the UK a try with You could find out that you have a knack for this sort of thing!

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I used to have a girl I worked with before I became an adult webmaster that would tease me with shots of her beaver like the homemade undies picture above. She was married but not happily by any meaning of the word happy. Her body was nice and plump without being fat. Her pussy was divine. A true diamond in the rough. Though I rarely saw the entire thing.

One of her favorite things to do with me was tease the shit out of me by pulling her panties deep into her pussy crack. She would then tell me to think about what I saw that night before I went to sleep. Boy was she ever good at subliminal stuff. I sure as hell did think about her every night before bed. Even if I was in bed with another girl.

If you liked what you saw in that example from ZOIG click here for more pics just like it!

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